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This website is about exploring consciousness, states of consciousness, the development and training of the mind and self, enlightenment and self-development, esoteric practice, magick and the western esoteric tradition, and brain and mind. The Telesterion Bookstore contains books on esoteric psychology, philosophy, self-development, enlightenment, magick, brain, and mind, on mysticism, magic, ritual, psychology, history, anthopology, religion art, and spirituality.


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Idries Shah
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Learning How to Learn

My most highly recommended book for practicioners. This is the book that seperates the wheat from the chaff!
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     Telesterion is devoted to the study and exploration of the human mind, the subjective experience of being a person; and to the development, training, and improvement of the inner experience, the human mind and the human brain's capacities and skills.

     Expressed in other, older, words to the seeking of enlightenment, called here self-development, and also known as self-realization, moksha or freedom, and by more colorful names such as union with god, attainment of selfhood,  the great work, the knowledge and conversation of the holy guardian angel, illumination, the shamanic journey, the inner quest, inner journey, inner peace, inner life, individuation, wisdom, etc..

     Here we will be exploring the vast terrain of nouminous subjective culture. This includes all of humankind's religions and folk traditions, fairy tales and mythologies, most of it's philosophies, mysticisms, metaphysics, and world-models; and much more. Nouminous subjective culture is that part of human culture which shapes the internal experience of mind-- the many things we believe or think about or feel which create our sense of meaning, our picture of our world, it's priorities, and our place in the priorities of that world.

     We will examine the practical applications and implications of esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Sufis, Taoism, shamanism, yoga, tantra, fourth way or 4th way, meditation, contemplation, sadhana, skillful means or upaya, magic or magick, alchemy, hermeticism, qabalah or quabbalah, western esoteric philosophy and esoteric psychology, peak experiences, psychedelic experiences, much of modern western psychology, and the modern self-help and human potential materials. This is, by the way, the short list, and ultimately the whole breadth and depth of human experience, history, and works must be re-examined if the human mind and consciousness is to be understood.

   Telesterion is also the net presence of a modern day enlightened human.* For what it's worth. *That would be me, your host, Bill Eichman. Hello.

The Telesterion Statement:
"This is the most important spiritual realization of our time; that we humans are large-brained animals on the surface of a planet."
Bill Eichman  "Almost nobody get's this one.
A classic example of 'Can't see the forest for the trees'.".

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Meeting Darkness on the Path

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