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The Marriage of Sense and Soul : Integrating Science and Religion
by Ken Wilber

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Jan Cox
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The "Study" of "Consciousness and Spirituality";
Why is it all such crap?

There are millions of pages devoted to consciousness, spirituality,  esotericism, enlightenment, and self-development listed in the various search engines. Aside from pornography, it is arguably the most common, definitely among the most common, type of content on the web.

Millions of pages. Most of it is true crap. Some of it is merely sophomoric crap. A very small amount is sincere and well meant crap. An even smaller percentage of that is quality crap.*

Why am I calling it crap? Because nobody's saying anything new. What 'new' there is comes when scientific discoveries (gaia hypothesis, quantum physics, 'hundredth monkey**') are integrated into the idioms of popular spirituality; or thru the pseudo-new cycles of  "rediscovery" of angels, shamanism, crystals,  magick and so forth.

Apparently, we have millions of people working on this topic, but we are failing to discover much of anything new with our "studies" of "spirituality and consciousness".

Now, go with me here. If we are not discovering much of anything new with this "inner work", and are mostly rehashing old material, why is that? Why is there so much crap?

Possible answers:

  1. We're all full of crap, so crap is all we produce.

  2. We're all working with world-explanations (all the stuff we've gotten from the books published these last hundred years) that are fundamentally flawed, and therefore can produce no new discoveries.

  3. Our methods of "study" are, as in 2 above, fundamentally flawed, and therefore can produce no new discoveries.

  4. There is nothing new to discover, we're stuck with the crap we've got.

  5. Angels from the Pleiades will soon bring us all the original new material we could possibly hope for...

  6. (insert your own string of possible further answers here).

Now, what answers do I, as a self-claimed authority on such matters, think are most likely? Well, number 1, we're all full of crap, has to be seriously considered. But, 2 and 3, the suggestion that our world-explanations and our methods of study must be flawed, must contain mistakes, is the conclusion that I have come reached with my 32 years of intensive study and practice.

For those of you who care, who also consider yourselves to be self-taught, self-claimed experts on "consciousness and spirituality", I invite you to work with me and try to produce some small amount of truly original, more accurate and useful spiritual materials.

Or, if that fails, to at least produce a better grade of crap.

Peace for all we beings,

Bill Eichman

* This site, telesterion, is mostly sophomoric crap in it's earlier pages. I'm hoping to add more quality crap. As far as sincere and well meaning-- well, mostly I'm just hoping to help a few people not be as big an idiot as I was when I was a younger "student of consciousness and spirituality".

** Yes, I know, the so-called hundredth monkey effect was the product of a popular writer, not science; I'm including it as an example of just that type of credulity and 'scientific spirituality'.



Some quality crap by a fellow who also will tell you that it's all crap.

Jan Cox, a Gurdjieff-line teacher, worth checking out.

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Paleolithic Painted Caves on the Net

Here's some stuff on the net that I think should be of major interest to all "students of consciousness and spirituality"; the sites devoted to the fantastic painted caves created by ancient "students of consciousness and spirituality", the cro-magnon artist-geniuses who left there commentary on their discoveries in the form of fragile painting in deep grotto "chapels".

This stuff amazes me. For tens of thousands of years we humans have been struggling to understand our minds, our lives. These paintings are the first scriptures, the first nouminous vision reports, the first narratives, the first human stories ever recorded.

We are not the first. We will not be the last.
How will we be remembered by those who follow us?

The Cave at Lascaux
This takes you to a partial 'virtual reality' photo-tour of the cave at lascaux. The first picture is the entry of the cave as it appears today, then you get a view entering the first room, the rotunda with it's animal portraits high on the white calcite ceiling, a procession of animals leading to the gleaming white tunnel of the passageway at the far end of the room. It's pretty good-- gave me chills, but then, I really love the cave at lascaux. Sadly, the "tour" ends in the passageway, and the page makers throw in some relatively gratuitous earth, air, water, etc images.

wpe4F9.jpg (7457 bytes)

Here's a sample from that 'virtual reality'.
Beautiful! Check these out full size!

The magnificent shamanic mystery painting
from the pit of the wounded man at Lascaux.
dyingman8d1.jpg (36350 bytes)

This is France's 'official' site; and they've been clever with it,
starting it with a java splash page that puts a 'light' around your cursor, letting you discover the main image as if exploring a cave, until the rest of the page finishes loading and suddenly appears. Looks like it was designed with students in mind, but it's well done. Take the virtual visit. Check out the excellent map!

This is CHAUVET, one of the newest discoveries of cave art.
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The Mothers of Time; some of the first paleolithic art ever found, first denounced as a fraud, these odd pieces and their history are interesting.




"Is it possible to produce original new work or discovery in the fields of consciousness and/or spirituality? If so, how?"
The "Study" of "Consciousness and Spirituality";
Why is it all such crap?

This is a CALL FOR PAPERS on this topic:

Papers may be in any length, anonymous or fully accredited. Submit as an html link to your existing page, or as a text or .RTF file, to .

Papers are due August 31st, 2000. Winner will be announced September 2000. All entries may be archived and displayed on Telesterion, but all other rights remain with the author. 

The author of the winning paper will receive a $50 gift certificate to and an official letter of award from Telesterion. Bill Eichman will be sole judge and authority, and may submit an entry of his own, but he is disqualified from receiving awards. Only if no entries are received may the offer of award be withdrawn.

The specific question to be addressed in any submitted papers is as follows:

"Is it possible to produce original new work or discovery in the fields of consciousness and/or spirituality? If so, how?"


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Reprints of classic
rare and previously unavailable
Maurice Nicoll books.

For more on Maurice Nicoll
check out this page.

The December 22, 1999 Full Moon,
Brightest full moon in 130+ years!
What a glorious moon!

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A truly great photo from the astronomy pic of the day site.

I like to visit my own site just so I can click on this great link:

Click Me to visit today's Astronomy Pic of the Day Site, then come back!



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If you want to preserve your illusions, don't buy this book. But, if you want the true and inside story on what was really happening with all the characters who wrote the books, built the organizations, and orchestrated the events which became alternative spirituality in America, this is the book to read. It has my highest recommendation!
Madame Blavatsky's Baboon : A History of the Mystics, Mediums, and Misfits Who Brought Spiritualism to America ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Peter Washington / Paperback / Published 1996
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